Subject: Call for Internship in SASequity – Targeting and analyzing investments/ investment opportunities in Balkan markets


Details about the position:




Intern for M&A/ finance at German Investment boutique SASequity


Number of interns for the position: 1
Location: Belgrade, Palilula


Main activities /responsibilities: Targeting and analyzing investments/ investment opportunities in Balkan markets


Qualifications of the intern (field, vocation,degree,competency, etc.): The position is aimed at candidates in/during/at the end of their master studies -with a special interest in consulting, finance or merger & acquisition


How to apply:


Send  your CV and a motivation letter whith explanation why the described position is interesting for you.

Please clarify your competences in M&A/ consulting sufficiently.


Aplication deadline:


April 30th, 2017
Details about the position: Duration – 4 months  (part-time or full-time – to be discussed)

Planned beginning – ASAP

Does the internship provides mentoring – Full training on the job

Payment – 150 € monthly  for full-time availability

Successful interns will get an invitation for 12 months traineeship.


The company and contact information


About the company: SASquity as an investment boutique servicing companies with special needs in finance or m&a but also looking for evaluating our own investment opportunities. Not only but also with distressed investments. Candidates should have collected substantial knowledge in finance/ economics/ European markets and financial analysis. This position only interesting for candidates seeking ambitious career opportunities.
Contact for additional information about position: Rüdiger Sass – owner

Telephone: 061 – 2547342